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Some “natural” therapies may be safe, effective for mental health

  • A blog that is published by the Harvard Medical School. The writer discusses several types of complementary and alternative medicines (CAM) that she learned from psychiatrists who work at Massachusetts General Hospital. She analyzes and makes short descriptions on each CAM for psychiatric disorders.

11 Natural Treatments for Depression: An MD’s Tips for Skipping the Prozac

  • Dr. Lissa Rankin suggests and examines the ways to cure depression using natural remedies. In addition to several detailed explanations for appropriate usage and efficacy of each supplements to reduce depressive symptoms, she provides some helpful advice to live and behave healthily.

Can TCM Help Anxiety and Depression?

  • This blog focuses on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for depression and anxiety treatment. Some major TCM therapies include acupuncture and herbal tea. You might find interesting and enjoy to understand some unique Oriental depression therapy methods.

7 Natural Ways to Help Manage Depression and Your Overall Mental Health

  • There are several helpful suggestions to remove depressive feelings. Dr. Robert Shiel is a credible writer of this blog who has a BA in psychology and MA and PhD in counseling psychology from the University of Notre Dame. He explains each suggestions with valid scientific studies. He discusses herbal medications and several other easy, natural remedies for depression.

How to Fight Depression Without Medication

  • The writer of this blog defines the meaning of “depression” deeply. He also discusses some possible causes of depression and risks of using antidepressants. He provides useful tips to decrease depression rate.

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Five Great Herbs for Fighting Depression

  • In this blog, you can find other herbal medicines that are not discussed in my blog. Such herbs include Rhodiola rosea, Camu Camu, Ashwagandha, and Maca. There are many helpful information about each herb with credible evidences. You can find more options of herbal medications for depressions.

8 Natural Depression Remedies to Consider

  • It is a blog about useful herbal medicines and tips for everyday behavior to reduce depression. You may find many interesting suggestions for depression therapy, including a therapy which uses light. You may also find useful information for your diet.

6 Herbs and Supplements for Depression

  • You may find additional information about St. John’s wort and saffron from this blog. Many other supplements are also analyzed and discussed carefully in the blog. The writer reports some herbs that are not proven yet for depression treatment.
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